How to Make the Most of Your Volunteer Time

If you lead a busy work life yet are passionate about philanthropy, as I am, then you know how precious your volunteer time is. Or, if you’re thinking about volunteering for the first time, then you should know that, if you allow it, your time spent volunteering can be an incredible and fulfilling experience. Volunteering […]

The Personal Benefits of Volunteer Work

It may sound paradoxical, but volunteer work can be a selfish thing. Yes, I said that right: volunteer work can be selfish. Now, let me explain what I mean. Obviously, your main motivation in volunteering your time or money to a cause should be selfless– you should be compelled to support a cause not to […]

How to Build a Philanthropic Company Culture

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn how to effectively manage my time. With all the responsibilities associated with running my own company, I’ve become an expert multitasker. I have every right to lead the life I want to lead and have found ways to get the most enjoyment out of my life without compromising […]