The Difference Between Charity and Philanthropy

The words “charity” and “philanthropy” are often used interchangeably, but (while similar) they do not have the exact same meaning and the difference is worth noting. Looking at the basic definitions of the words, it is easy to see how they are confused with one another. Charity is defined as “generous actions or donations to […]

Small Acts of Kindness That Go a Long Way

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, people seem to have this unspoken agreement to be a little more patient, a little more giving, a little more understanding, a little more accepting, a little nicer- overall, people just tend to be kinder around the holidays. But who says this tradition can’t carry over into the […]

The Marriage of Philanthropy

What beats at the heart of all philanthropists? Is there a difference between the person who gives and the person who refuses, and what happens when two philanthropic people join lives? Here are several examples of how you can turn your wedding from a celebration of your new life together, to a celebration of all […]