Pokemon Go Gives Back Without Donating

Pokemon Go! Nintendo’s latest mobile app has hit the ground running and sent stock soaring, young adults walking, and the world churning. It seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, be it a 25-year old chasing digital characters or even a cop getting to the bottom of a murder. It has exploded across […]

Spotlight: Charity Navigator

Considering the many recent philanthropic scandals that have come to light as of late, there is a growing demand for evaluation, scrutiny, and analysis within the charity sector of the economy. Too many times, many unsuspecting private citizens have donated funds to a cause they believed to be worthwhile, only to have those same funds […]

Nonprofit Advice from the Expert, Michael Bloomberg

The charity sector is changing, for the better. Whereas before massive angel investors of sorts used to grant enormous donations to philanthropies of their choice from afar, these same donors are now taking a greater stance in involvement. By getting their hands dirty, these godsend philanthropists are providing new direction to charitable organizations, offering guidance, […]

The Key of Communication

One of the most important yet often neglected facets of running a philanthropic organization is, plain and simple, communication. Communication impacts all aspects of an organization, be it communication within the organization or communication outside of the organization. For the purposes of this post, I will stick to the benefits associated with communication outside of […]

MacArthur Foundation’s Generosity

Recognition is being deservedly given to the MacArthur Foundation. Having awarded 6.5 million dollars to Chicago nonprofit organizations revolving around the arts, the foundation is looking to lend a helping hand to the Windy City community through fortifying the foundation of its culture, art. In fact, the foundation articulates three main goals. They are as […]

The Marriage of Philanthropy

What beats at the heart of all philanthropists? Is there a difference between the person who gives and the person who refuses, and what happens when two philanthropic people join lives? Here are several examples of how you can turn your wedding from a celebration of your new life together, to a celebration of all […]

How Giving Is A Gift In And Of Itself

Charity is one of the longest surviving social institutions to support the public good. A simple effort by the more fortunate to selflessly disperse a little bit of resource to those who desperately need it (whether that mean money, food, clothing, shelter, or something else entirely) accomplishes much more than just the spreading of wealth. […]

Fine-tuning Philanthropy: How Modern Companies Are Transforming Charity For The Better

For the last few decades, corporate philanthropy remained relatively stagnant; in sharp contrast to the way businesses dramatically transformed due to new technologies and norms in just about every major industry. The equation for corporate social responsibility separated company missions and a commitment to community development into two very separate variables. On the one side, […]

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of that I thought it might be worth sharing a few facts that may, well, help build awareness. While everyone understands that childhood cancer is an incredibly difficult struggle for those diagnosed and their families, some numbers and statistics may help convey the urgency of finding […]

Cops for Kids with Cancer 5K Race

In a couple of weeks, the nonprofit Cops for Kids with Cancer will hold a 5K race in Hyannis, MA to benefit the statewide charity. This will be the inaugural race for this particular event, and hopefully just the first of many to come. The benefit was set in motion by Barnstable police officer Brian […]