Small Acts of Kindness That Go a Long Way

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, people seem to have this unspoken agreement to be a little more patient, a little more giving, a little more understanding, a little more accepting, a little nicer- overall, people just tend to be kinder around the holidays. But who says this tradition can’t carry over into the […]

3 Questions Holding Your Nonprofit Back

Philanthropy as we know it today is a relatively recent phenomenon, and as such, is still evolving rapidly. From a macro-perspective, philanthropy is still coming into itself and growing into what it will be for centuries to come. For instance, emerging ideas of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship are making an immense splash in the […]

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it’s important to acknowledge the sensitive nature of conversations surrounding breast cancer. While, yes, awareness has expanded exponentially and with it research and treatment options in the past decade, there is often very little said about the social circumstances surrounding one who has been […]

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

With trust in nonprofits falling, it is of the utmost significance they use every tool at their disposal to increase contributions and overall efficiency. Social media is one such tool that often falls by the wayside, neglected by older generations due to a lack of familiarity with the technology. In reality, social media should never […]

6 Ways Nonprofits Are Using Facebook the Wrong Way

This fantastic article talks about some deficiencies in many nonprofits’ Facebook campaigns and details insightful ways in which they can turn it around. For more information, please click here.

A little girl with big dreams

These sort of heartbreaking stories are why philanthropy is a necessary tenet in contemporary society. We have the means to make a difference. All we have to do is put them to use. For more information, please click here.

The Conundrum of Contemporary Philanthropy

Philanthropy in contemporary society is a growing sector of the economy and a powerful influencer of public opinion— and yet it still largely eludes both public and academic understanding. It is a status symbol for the wealthy and a gift to the poor. It is the epitome of altruism but is often carried out in […]

Charity’s Finance Manager Stole Thousands of Pounds

These types of stories are cruel reminders of the fact that there are individuals out there who look to capitalize upon grief, tragedy, and abhorrent circumstances. By paying attention and remaining vigilant against suspicious men and women, we should hopefully be able to reduce such despicable crime. For more information, please click on the following […]

Trust in charities at record low after scandals

Unfortunately enough, it appears as though the general public’s trust in the charity sector is at a record low. In the wake of various tragedies, there has been a despicable surge in philanthropic scandals. These numbers merely reflect the facts. For more information, please proceed to the article located here.

Social media essentials for boards and trustees

I recently came across this incredibly helpful article for philanthropies and not for profits. By properly implementing proven social media strategies, nonprofits are able to capitalize upon a market outside of immediate referrals and more traditional marketing tactics.