How to Build a Philanthropic Company Culture

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn how to effectively manage my time. With all the responsibilities associated with running my own company, I’ve become an expert multitasker. I have every right to lead the life I want to lead and have found ways to get the most enjoyment out of my life without compromising on what’s really important to me. One of my greatest passions is philanthropy. I’ve led a fortune and successful life, but not everyone gets off so easy, so I like to give back wherever and whenever I can.

Like I said, I often find myself pressed for time, so to ensure that I’m able to make time for the causes that matter to me, particularly cancer awareness, I find ways to weave them into the fabric of my life. Namely, I find ways to get my whole company involved with charity events in order to foster a philanthropic company culture and incorporate philanthropy into my professional life. If you want to take your office culture from drab to fab, then read on, because making philanthropy a part of your company culture is easier than you may think. Here are some ways you can get your whole company more involved with the community.

  • Make time for it:

Some companies, such as New York-based merchandise company ZinePak, are making philanthropic culture a top priority by assigning positions dedicated to it. ZinePak has instituted a monthly rotating position called the Culture Captain to plan everything from group lunches to charity events like working as a team to collect and donate Christmas gifts to families in need. Your company can make philanthropy a priority too if you set aside certain times of day or days of the week dedicated to volunteering together. Refer to a website like to find where there is a local need for your services.

  • Make sure corporate and employee goals align:

In order to create a positive culture of philanthropy within your company, then you will want to ensure that everyone’s on the same page with their goals. Employee interests should align with corporate goals and the needs of the nonprofit for everything to run smoothly.

  • Create a partnership:

If you want to hold your company or yourself accountable for participating in philanthropic activity, then consider forming an official partnership with a non profit organization by donating a month’s profits or creating a product to raise awareness and generate funds.

  • Organize a drive to collect goods to donate:

A fun, easy way for your company to participate in volunteer work is to collect unused/unwanted goods from employees to donate to charity. For instance, you could organize a clothes drive, a winter coat drive, a book drive, an electronics drive, a toy drive- the options are practically limitless!

  • Set aside funds for charity:

The most obvious way to get your company involved with philanthropy is to simply donate to a cause that everyone cares about. Collaborate with your coworkers to identify an organization that supports a meaningful cause, be it healthcare, education, or the environment (whatever makes the most sense for your company!) and and donate what you can.